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Why Choose us:

  • Over 25 years experience with domestic and foreign vehical repair
  • Repair all minor and major automotive problems.
  • State of the art diagnostic and repair equipment.
  • ASE certified
  • AAS degee in Automotive Technologies
  • Member of TIAA, Texas Independent Automotive Association.
  • Local Family owned business
  • Prior Navy member and a Veteran
  • Management Team

    Scott Matowitz

    A.A.S. in Automotive Technologies, ASE certified transmission builder,20 years of automotive experience.

    Mike Guerra

    15 years of automotive experience.

    What customers have to say about us on Angies List

    September 22, 2011- Transmission fluid leaking at transmission rear seal. Member Comments: They took the car in and returned it on time, even though they were a man short, due to illness. The service and professionalism of the staff was outstanding. I do not like dealing with transmission shops, generally, but this shop was great. Checked for any other problems and gave me a verbal report on what they found......nothing, no other problems! They serviced the transmission fluid and filter, while making the repairs, and allowed me to use the Angie's List coupon, saving me $150. I highly recommend this company for any transmission repairs, or any service they offer. They were outstanding and the price was very reasonable.
    Angies List Overall Grade (A)

    July 06, 2011- Transmission installed in 2001 Honda Odyssey in a "rush" situation, two days before a planned cross country trip. Member Comments: Two days before leaving for a cross country trip, the transmission on our minivan went out. Scott listened to our story and immediately dropped a new transmission into our can and had us on the road as scheduled. His price was $1400 less than the dealer wanted, and the transmission came with a 100,000 mile warranty. He was extremely knowledgeable, personable, honest, professional and courteous. He went above and beyond the call of duty, making sure we were taken care of throughout our journey. He even made sure that we called him as we trekked across the country to make sure we were doing well. I HIGHLY recommend Patriot Transmission.
    Angies List Overall Grade (A)

    April 22, 2011- Replaced clutch, flywheel, and engine gaskets Member Comments: We had been informed by a couple of other repair shops that vehicle required another transmission at cost of $2,800 to $3,500. Due to age of vehicle, we planned to junk it even though the engine and body is in good shape. I decided to try Patriot after reading reviews in Angies list. Rick listened to my concern about investing too much in the car due to age. He offered to remove and diagnose transmission for a mininal charge. I could then decide whether to pursue repairs or not. I was pleasantly surprised the next day when Rick called to advice me only the clutch was required and the transmission was fine. He performed a complete check of the vehicle and provided me a report to allow me to make an educated decision on whether to incur costs to repairs. The repair costs included not only the clutch and flywheel, but also included replacing the engine caskets. The car was ready by the next day. My wife was very excited since she loved her car and didn't want to part with it.
    Angies List Overall Grade (A)

    June 14, 2010- Tune-up on pick-up. Member Comments: Scott was very accommodating as we were about to leave on a cross-country drive. I explained my reluctance to leave in a vehicle that had 70K miles on it and has never been in a shop. He understood and made sure everything was road ready. He replaced the points, not an easy task on a Hemi, checked the hoses, belt, etc. Needless to say, things went without a hitch.
    Angies List Overall Grade (A)

    July 23, 2009- Transmission service Member Comments: Excellent service, quoted prices accurate, punctual and gave military discount. Very pleasant to work with.
    Angies List Overall Grade (A)

    November 18, 2008- We had a very good experience with this company; they were honest when they told us that there was nothing that they could do, and they did not charge us for the service. They were prompt about getting us in, and they finished quickly and were very professional.
    Angies List Overall Grade (A)

    August 15, 2008- Towed the car from my house to the shop at no charge. Took 5 days to do the job (although this includes the 4th of July holiday period). When I returned for my minivan, I was pleasantly surprised in that he not only fixed the transmission, but had thoroughly detailed the car to include armor-all on the tires at no additional charge. After it was fixed, went on our family vacation to the Grand Canyon and back to San Antonio, about 3000 miles of driving, with no problems whatsoever. This is absolutely one of the best experiences I've ever had with a mechanic! I recommend him highly.
    Angies List Overall Grade (A)

    September 14, 2007- Patriot Transmission saved me so much money. Honesty is one thing I look for and this company has a lot of that. I went to three other places in San Antonio and these guys were the best. I would recommend them to everyone.
    Angies List Overall Grade (A)

    October 04, 2006- Everyone else we talked to, told me I needed a new transmission and he told me that it was just a simple $100 repair and that it would only take 24 hours. 18 hours later, he called me back and told me the car was ready. He is very honest and very reasonable. There is no way I can say enough about him. We were quoted $2800 from other people.
    Angies List Overall Grade (A)

    I have had lots of work done on my cars and truck in San Antonio and have had bad luck finding someone that as fair, honest and capable. At one point we paid $3,800.00 to a large company to rebuild the transmission and rear end on our car. After driving the car for 30 days we started experiencing the same problems we had before the repairs, so we took the car back to the company that {Supposedly} repaired it but found a note on the door stated {our business}We then took the car to another repair shop. They told us many of the parts were original and had not been replaced by the first company who said that all had been replaced. {We did not know about Patriot Transmissions at the time}. We as senior citizens are on a limited income and we need to know there are people that are honest and will not take advantage of the elderly. By the grace of god we found this company named Patriot Transmissions on West avenue. We took the car to Patriot and the owner told us what he thought was wrong with the car and how much it would cost to fix it by replacing a gaskets for a very cheap price. I really believe if I had taken the car anywhere else they would have told us we needed a new transmission. A few days after the repairs were completed the owner of Patriot called us asking how the car was performing and if everything was o.k. I am placing his company on the Angies list as #1 in honesty,good work, and a person we would recommend to our friends.
    Thank you, Patricia Nesrsta

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